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BASC outlines key demands in licensing fees review

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will not accept “rewarding failure” in the upcoming review of firearms licensing fees in England, Scotland and Wales. The review has been launched by the Home Office. A Fees Working Group, which includes representatives from BASC and the British Shooting Sports Council, has been set up. Its… Read more »

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Brown and Cameron go head to head during PMQs today
Cameron attacks Brown’s ‘humiliating’ TA U-turn

By Ian Dunt Gordon Brown has been “humiliated” by his U-turn on Territorial Army (TA) funding, David Cameron argued today. The Tory leader made the comments while the two men traded insults across the dispatch boxes during this week’s prime minister’s questions. The Army’s proposal to cut TA funding by £20 million would have seen… Read more »

Slavery: Still alive and well in the UK, campaigners say
Govt concedes need for slavery law

By staff The government has accepted a new law is required against slavery in the UK. An expected vote this afternoon on an amendment to the coroners and justice bill would have made servitude and forced labour an offence in the UK for the first time. Instead the government agreed before the vote to… Read more »