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Family to challenge law requiring Christian RE and worship in NI schools

The High Court will consider a challenge to the laws requiring faith-based Christian religious education (RE) and collective worship in schools in Northern Ireland today. A non-religious family is mounting the legal challenge arguing the exclusively Christian nature of RE and worship violates their human rights. The case is being supported by Northern Ireland Humanists…. Read more »

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New firearms licence condition welcomed by BASC Northern Ireland

Improvement to firearms licence condition welcomed by BASC Northern Ireland The UK’s largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), has welcomed the introduction of a firearms certificate condition that will allow the licence holder to shoot any lawful quarry on land where they have the authority to shoot. The condition known… Read more »

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Boris during his speech to conference today. The London Mayor did not address the referendum issue.
Tories struggle to sell policies under shadow of Europe

By Ian Dunt The Conservatives are desperately trying to promote their ‘Get Britain Working’ agenda despite persistent questions over the Lisbon treaty. David Cameron’s team are struggling to prevent the furore over the treaty derailing the start of the Conservative conference in Manchester. Their primary tactic so far has been to release concrete policies and… Read more »

Darling announced the pay rise today
Darling freezes senior public sector pay

By staff Alistair Darling has called for a freeze on the pay of senior public servants, including GPs and judges. Senior NHS managers will also have their pay frozen, while around 700,000 middle-ranking public sector workers, such as doctors, dentists and prison officers, will receive a pay rise of between zero and one per… Read more »