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Businesses have lost consumers' faith - and if they want to win it back, they need to look beyond shareholders

Comment: Businesses need to urgently rethink their place in society

If they want to win back consumers' faith, businesses need to start behaving like decent citizens.

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  • Skyscrapers in the City of London, which is fighting the moves to criminalise wrongdoing bankers

    Cameron pledges criminal penalties for bankers

    David Cameron appeared to back down in the face of calls for criminal penalties for bankers today, when he pledged to bring forward recommendations made by a parliamentary commission.

  • 'Greed and grab' in the City - followed by the crash of 2008

    Interview: Professor Emeritus Eric Evans on Margaret Thatcher's legacy

    Now the Iron Lady has finally been laid to rest such debates will fade away, making her legacy more and more the focus of historians. Evans, whose book Thatcher and Thatcherism has re-examined the impact of her collected policies through the 1970s to the current coalition, thinks that, like the French Revolution, it's too soon to really tell quite what effect Thatcherism will have on Britain.

  • The City of London faces intense hostility from the general public

    Podcast: Banker-bashing reloaded

    Following Barclays' £290 million fine for fiddling the interbank lending rate Libor the search for answers from Westminster has begun. But where will this end up? Will the inquiry into wrongdoing in the banking sector change anything?

  • Bob Diamond, Barclays chief executive, faces pressure to resign after Libor fine

    Westminster wants Barclays heads to roll

    Ministers are set to strengthen sanctions against those responsible for the Barclays Libor scandal.

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