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Mr Johnson was born on 19 June 1964 in New York, USA, educated at Eton, (King's Scholar) and Balliol College, Oxford (Brackenbury Scholar in Classics).

He worked for The Times, The Wolverhampton Express and Star before joining The Daily Telegraph, where he was successively a leader and feature writer, EU correspondent, and assistant editor.

He also happens to be mayor of London but we guessed you knew that, right?

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This is a lively and interesting blog that clearly interacts with its readers and expresses the views of its author in his usual style.

Boris Johnson, as many people will be aware, is not afraid of expressing his views and is an accomplished journalist, so even if you don't necessarily agree with his politics it's interesting to read the views of the mayor of London as well as being entertaining and engaging enough to make you want to come back occasionally.

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