Archive of 20 February 2007

The Lords defeated the government over its medical health bill

Peers defeat government over mental health bill

A cross party group of peers has challenged the government's mental health bill, with the Lords voting for a series of amendments that weaken the proposed act's power to detain people with severe personality disorders without consent.

  • David Cameron enjoys a 13-point lead

    Voters back Cameron over Brown in latest poll

    Voters would back David Cameron over Gordon Brown, according to the latest opinion poll, raising suggestions that the chancellor is losing the battle of personality politics.

  • Tony Blair has written to ID card critics

    Blair leads with security in ID debate

    Tony Blair has written to thousands of identity card critics in an attempt to gain support for the scheme, although he concedes that his arguments will do little to convince those who oppose ID cards on the grounds of civil liberties.

  • Brown is thought to support a greater role for parliament

    Peers criticise 'split' govt for 'fudged' response

    Peers have criticised the government's "fudged" response to their report into parliament's role in waging war, insinuating that internal divisions with the cabinet are to blame for the alleged shortcomings.

  • Reid faces fresh criticisms over foreign prisoners

    Reid under fire over foreign prisoners

    John Reid faces renewed criticism of the handling of the foreign prisoners scandal, after figures released by the Home Office show that 28 of the 189 foreign serious offenders wrongly freed from prison are still at large in the UK.

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