Cheryl Jones is a proud army veteran. She served for 22 years, including overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now claiming her army pension, Cheryl also runs a pet-sitting business to make sure she has enough to live on each year.

Unfortunately for Cheryl, the pandemic has forced the majority of the public indoors and left her with no work. To make things worse, Cheryl’s pension accounts for just over half her yearly income, which means that under the 50/50 rule she can’t claim for any financial support from the government.

Ms Jones says after proudly serving for her country, she feels “let down” by the government”.

Like three million others, Cheryl is currently slipping through the net of Covid-19 financial assistance from the state.

Tracy Brabin, the MP for Batley and Spen launched her appeal to fill in gaps in financial support in a Ten Minute Rule Motion on Wednesday 13th January.

What is being excluded from financial help really like?