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Plaid Cymru will pledge to shelter Wales from the UK-wide austerity drive

Plaid: 'London's axe will not break our ambition'

Plaid Cymru will stand in staunch opposition to the spending cuts planned by the UK coalition government, its leader Ieuan Wyn Jones will say in a speech at the party's conference on Friday.

  • Hung parliament: Opportunity knocks for the nats

    Nationalists open to 'progressive' alliance

    The Scottish National party (SNP) and Plaid Cymru have signalled their willingness to work in a four-party 'progressive' alliance keeping the Conservatives out of power.

  • A new report claims England will bear brunt of spending cuts

    England 'will be hardest hit' by cuts

    Scotland and Wales will get a better deal than England from the post-election spending cuts promised by the three main parties, claims a report published today.

  • The Severn bridge between Wales and England

    Plaid Cymru launches campaign

    Plaid Cymru launched its general election campaign today at one of its main target seats, Ynys Mon, or, in English, Anglesey.

  • England expects, but is it getting fair share?

    The English resentment

    John Denham will demand greater celebration of Englishness today, just as new research reveals the union is more vulnerable than ever.

  • Devolution: The end of the UK?

    Scotland and Wales: Ten years on

    It is the tenth anniversary of the first elections for the Scottish and Welsh assemblies, but relations between the home nations are nearing an all-time low.


    Timeline: Welsh devolution

    It's been a tumultuous first ten years for the Welsh Assembly, which - despite its reliance on coalition government - has produced some markedly different policies to England.

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