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Highest number of MPs ever take secular affirmation

The UK has elected the most openly non-religious House of Commons in history, with roughly 40% of MPs during their swearing-in ceremony choosing to take the secular affirmation instead of a religious oath to God, up from 24% after the 2019 election. These include the Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer and 50% of the Cabinet…. Read more »

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MDU urges new government to reform healthcare regulation to boost morale

Responding to today’s general election result, Dr Michael Devlin, Medical Defence Union (MDU) head of professional standards said: “A new government always finds plenty of problems waiting for them on the desk. Sadly, it has become too familiar for us to see a healthcare workforce that is over stretched and under supported. This was reflected… Read more »

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MPs urge UK to reopen diplomatic channels with Afghanistan- or China will fill vacuum
Government urged to relaunch diplomacy with Afghanistan

In a damning report from the foreign affairs committee, MPs say the Foreign Office, the National Security Advisor and Ministers must accept responsibility for the failure to prepare or respond, abandoning the UK’s allies and damaging the UK’s interests. Missing in action: UK leadership and the withdrawal from Afghanistan is the result of the committee’s inquiry… Read more »

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Parliament in 2021: Memorable speeches

2021 saw MPs deliver powerful speeches on the big political stories of the year. Whether it was pandemic, the fall of Afghanistan, or remembering a fallen colleague, the oratory skills displayed by these MPs cemented their speeches into UK political history. Here are the highlights: 7th July – Tan Dhesi tears into Boris Johnson Boris… Read more »