Humanists UK expresses concern as Government launches human rights review
Call for legal protections for teachers against ‘blasphemy’ welcomed by Humanists UK

The Government-backed independent review into political violence and disruption has been published today and recommends teachers to be given legal protections against allegations of ‘blasphemy’. This has been welcomed by Humanists UK, who has been leading the campaign for robust support for teaching staff in response to recent controversies, including the suspension of a teacher in Batley after showing an image… Read more »

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Supervising provisionally registered dentists will increase workload and accountability, DDU says

The Dental Defence Union (DDU) has raised concerns about the increased workload and accountability for dentists taking on the supervision of provisionally registered colleagues who qualified overseas. Responding to Department of Health and Social Care provisional registration for overseas-qualified dentists the DDU says it has profound misgivings about whether the system being proposed is workable and practical from a workforce and patient safety… Read more »

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Manchester to be first super-casino
Manchester to host first super-casino

Manchester has been chosen as the site for Britain’s first super-casino, a Las-Vegas style venue with up to 1,250 unlimited jackpot machines. The independent Casino Advisory Panel said the city’s proposals offered the best test of the social impact and regeneration benefits of the new casino, which could be followed by others in the future… Read more »

European court says UK pension protection was inadequate
Govt pension protection ‘inadequate’

The government offered “inadequate” pension protection for workers whose companies went bust but does not necessarily have to compensate them, a court has ruled. The European court of justice (ECJ) found the government did not properly implement a 1983 European Union directive requiring member states to take “necessary measures” to ensure workers’ pensions were safe… Read more »