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"Britain needs to come to an agreement with the EU about how much it is on the hook for and how it can pay to have the hook removed"

The brutal complexity of Brexit's pensions nightmare

The pensions issue involves deep, system-wide complexity

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  • NASUWT: Teachers' pensions tax bombshell

    Responding to reports that teachers and other public sector workers in defined benefit pension schemes could have to pay an extra 1.4% into their pensions on top of the increased costs they are already facing as a result of Government plans to end contracting out, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said:

  • Unite: One in five in pensions horror

    One in five people in the UK are under attack in the coalition's pension’s horror, according to Unite, Britain’s biggest union.

  • PCS: Government undermining pensions negotiations

    PCS says the government's announcement this morning about public sector pension contributions makes a mockery of the ongoing negotiations and proves that the government is determined to make people pay more and work longer in return for smaller pensions.

  • Unite: 'Dossier of Hypocrisy' exposes cabinet ministers' pensions

    Unite has published a 'dossier of hypocrisy' exposing the pensions of cabinet ministers at the heart of the coalition's attack on public sector workers.

  • Steve Webb is the longest serving pensions minister in recent years

    Interview: Pensions minister Steve Webb

    In the grand sweep of things pensions is under the radar at the moment in political terms. This is partly because of the approach of the coalition's pensions minister, Steve Webb, who spends his days pursuing agreement away from the headlines.

  • A new report argues reform is desperately needed

    Police pensions 'unaffordable'

    Pensions for police officers are costing the taxpayer £2.5 billion a year, according to a report out today.

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