Brian Haw arrested ahead of Queen’s arrival

By staff

The arrival of the Queen for the state opening of parliament has been marred by the arrest of Brian Haw, a peace campaigner.

Mr Haw has been protesting in Parliament Square since 2001, and has survived several attempts to move him.

But the peace campaigner was held while police searched the ‘peace camp’ just outside parliament.

It is presumed police made the move to search for weapons or other dangerous items ahead of the monarch’s visit.

Barbara Tucker, another protestor well known to Westminster residents for her loudspeaker speeches, was also arrested.

She was heard on BBC London 94.9 saying: “You can’t arrest him [Mr Haw], you don’t have a search order.”

The arrests took place around 08:00 BST. A Met spokesman said Mr Haw had been arrested on suspicion of obstructing police while Ms Tucker was arrested under section five of the Public Order Act.