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The Podcast

The Podcast: Medical cannabis

All you need to know about the medical uses of cannabis

  • The Podcast

    The Podcast - World Cup politics editor Ian Dunt is joined by football writer and broadcaster Philippe Auclair, and Conor Pope, author of Labour List's Political World Cup and deputy editor of Progress, to discuss all you need to know about the politics of the World Cup.

  • The Podcast

    The Podcast - abortion laws in Northern Ireland editor Ian Dunt is joined by Dr Ruth Fletcher, Senior Lecturer in Medical Law at Queen Mary University, and Lisa Hallgarten, Policy Manager at Brook, to discuss abortion laws in Northern Ireland.

  • The Podcast

    The Podcast - Russian infowars editor Ian Dunt is joined by James Rodgers, international journalism lecturer, author and former BBC Moscow correspondent, and Jamie Bartlett, journalist and author of "The People Vs Tech", to discuss Russia's modern information warfare tactics.

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