The Flexible After Fifty report calls for greater flexible working support for people over age 50 to be more active in the workforce

A new report from the 50+ Choices Roundtable shows how businesses, older workers and the wider UK economy would all benefit from employers and government prioritising greater flexibility in the workplace.

The Flexible After Fifty report, from the members of the 50+ Choices Roundtable, shows that nearly three quarters (72%) of over-50s are seeking flexible work to achieve a better work-life balance, with a third (34%) citing caregiving responsibilities and a desire for more personal time as key drivers***.

The report also highlights the growing uptake of different forms of flexible working among over-50s, with 33.2% (3.6 million) in the UK engaging in part-time work. **** Rates of home-working among over-50s have also risen, from 10% in 2020 to 22.4% in 2023, and flexi-time, which allows employees to customise their start and end times within certain limits, is utilised by 12.9% of over-50s in work.****Adopting flexible working patterns is key to supporting people aged over 50 to remain in the workforce for longer, if they choose to, with all the benefits that brings.

Ahead of the Flexible Working Act coming into force in April 2024, the report recommends that the government lead by example by monitoring the uptake and effectiveness of flexible working across different age groups. It also recommends that small and medium enterprises or small businesses have better resources to help with implementation of the legislation, and that the government should back the Centre for Ageing Better’s Age Friendly Employer Pledge. The report will be presented to the Minister for Employment to respond to the recommendations.