Labour to scale back green pledge – Friends of the Earth reaction

Commenting on reports that Labour is to scale back its £28bn a year green pledge, Friends of the Earth’s head of policy, Mike Childs, said:

“Green investment doesn’t just deliver for the planet; it also benefits our health and economy. Cutting it would be short-sighted and cost the country dearly.

“The UK is already lagging behind in the race to manufacture green steel, build electric vehicles, and develop giga-battery factories. Thousands of jobs are at risk if we don’t match the investment the US and the rest of Europe are making in these industries.

“A comprehensive home insulation programme is desperately needed to help the millions of people left shivering in heat-leaking homes. This would slash bills, cut energy waste and benefit the economy.

“For years UK climate action has been undermined by dither, delay and lukewarm support from government. We urgently need real political leadership to confront the climate crisis and seize the huge opportunities that building a greener future would bring.”