Race Equality Act Plans a Step Forward for Black Workers

Commenting on the announcement from the Labour Party that it will bring forward a new Race Equality Act if it wins the next electionDr Patrick Roach, General Secretary of NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, said: 

“Teachers and all workers deserve to be treated fairly, and with respect and dignity at work.

“However, Black teachers and leaders are paid less than their white colleagues, are more likely to be employed in temporary posts, less likely to be promoted and are more likely to be disciplined or dismissed from their jobs.

“We have seen growing evidence of workplace discrimination and inequality. Our education system has not been immune to and it is clear that more robust measures are needed to address the reality of systemic institutional discrimination.

“However, passing laws alone will not eradicate racial discrimination and inequality. It will require clear leadership and increased funding from Government, alongside stringent regulation, inspection and enforcement.

“Following our campaigning for disability and race pay gap reporting by employers, it is welcome to see this policy commitment finally emerging.

“Systemic discrimination is wasting talent and impacting adversely on children’s education.

“Over the last 14 years, not only have the economic and employment disparities that exist completely fail to be addressed, but inequality has widened and been exacerbated at work.

“Legislation coupled with stronger regulation would help to secure a fair and level playing field for teachers and for all workers.

“The commitment to introducing a new Race Equality Act is a welcome step towards securing racial justice at work.