Citizens UK launches ‘Citizens Agenda’, driven by and for thousands of people across the UK ahead of the General Election

Today, Citizens UK launches a ‘Citizens Agenda’, which establishes seven priority social issues communities across the country would like to be addressed by the next UK Government ahead of the 2024/25 General Election. 


The Citizens Agenda was created through listening to thousands of local community leaders across Citizens UK’s 18 regional chapters on the issues most significantly impacting their lives and those of people in their communities. Through a democratic process, seven areas were set as priorities: the campaign for a real Living Wage and Living Hours; Mental Health; Migration Justice; Housing and Homelessness; Racial Justice in Education; Climate Justice; and Democracy and Devolution. 


The agenda aims to contribute to the shaping of the political debate ahead of the General Election, centring local people who have direct experiences of the issues on the agenda. 


To mark this launch, Citizens UK chapters across the country will be taking action: from Nottingham community leaders asking local MPs to make Nottingham a ‘city of sanctuary’ for refugees at the iconic Robin Hood Statue; to community leaders across East London launching ‘Voter Reg Hubs’ at a local church to increase participation in democracy.  


Matthew Bolton, Citizens UK Executive Director, said: “At a time where so many people across the country are struggling with different challenges – the cost of living, low wages, mental health, poor housing – the upcoming General Election is a pivotal moment. Communities want change and the Citizens Agenda is a reflection of that. Thousands of people across the UK have powered this process, using their voices to demand action on the issues that matter most to them and their communities. Together, in the lead up to the 2024/25 General Election, everyday people can hold decision-makers to account and win the changes they want to see.” 


Nana, a care worker from London and Citizens UK leader campaigning for a real Living Wage, said: “Given how meaningful the work is I’m angry that my employers and other care providers don’t give us a fair wage. For me it means I sometimes have to work a triple shift. That’s a day followed by a night shift followed by another day. It’s exhausting. I’ve just got married and as I look forward to the possibility of family, how can I stay in this job I love so much?”