WRAP responds to Global Plastics Treaty

WRAP welcomes and supports the common vision for an ambitious and effective Global Plastics Treaty, announced today by our partners the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) and WWF.

Coordinated business input is imperative if we are to achieve a treaty which can put an end to the plastic pollution crisis and develop a circular economy for plastics.

Since we launched The UK Plastics Pact in partnership with EMF in 2018, we’ve seen many countries and businesses around the world taking action on plastic pollution through Pacts and other collaborative partnerships which bring together key players along the plastics value chain. A voluntary approach is fast and flexible, but it cannot solve this crisis in isolation. Aligning development of regulation to drive and support action is essential.

The mix of voluntary action alongside regulation is very powerful, and what we need to see in the agreed treaty. With our partners across the world, we look forward to ensuring that this message is heard, so that the treaty can accelerate the move to a world where plastic is only used where absolutely necessary, and where it is used it stays in the economy and never becomes waste.

Our voluntary agreements are transforming whole systems uniting businesses, governments and citizens behind a shared vision and measurable targets for change.  To find out more about how WRAP is tackling plastic pollution, and how businesses can get involved, please visit: Initiatives | WRAP