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16-12-2021 09:00 AM GMT
Woman unwell lying on a sofa with a blanket

People who were hospitalised with COVID-19 and continued to experience symptoms at five months show limited further recovery one year after hospital discharge. The latest results of the PHOSP-COVID study have been released as a pre-print on medRxiv today. This has also confirmed earlier research that people who were less likely to make a full […]

16-12-2021 09:00 AM GMT
Business man review his resume application on desk, laptop computer, job seeker

The Resume for Research and Innovation (R4RI) is a content-rich alternative to the traditional CV which supports applicants to show how they have made a difference. Based on the Royal Society’s Résumé for Researchers (R4R), the R4R-like format will allow a people working across the research and innovation sector to evidence a wider range of activities […]