Big spender: Cameron leaves £50 tip for £45 meal

David Cameron reportedly left a £50 tip for a £45 meal in Pizza Express last night, in a move which might wipe away memories of his failure to tip an Italian waitress.

The prime minister returned to a restaurant in Tuscany in 2011, after widespread media reports of his failure to tip Francesca Ariani.

But he was clearly feeling flush in London yesterday, when he tipped £50  – £5 more than he spent on the meal itself.

Cameron was enjoying a 'date night' with his wife Samantha after watching West End play The Audience, which focuses on the Queen's relationship with various prime ministers.

In the play, the Queen, portrayed by Helen Mirren, is seen falling asleep while having a discussion with Cameron, played by Rufus Wright.

Members of the public in Pizza Express were more impressed. The prime minister posed for a photograph with a pair of female customers and was the subject of keen observations by fellow diners.

"Red wine and dough balls, that’s the upper classes for you. I think he’s got some vouchers #pmpizzaexpress" one diner tweeted.

Cameron and his wife exited the theatre by a stage door to be greeted by a pack of fans – although the crowd was there for Mirren, not the prime minister.