Archive of May 2012

Christine Lagarde gives the coalition's cuts a ringing endorsement

Carry on cutting: IMF backs UK's spending cuts 'credibility'

The coalition's deficit reduction plan has received a strong endorsement from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

  • Like this, but more relaxed: Cameron denies 'chillaxing'

    PM: No 'chillaxing' from me

    The prime minister has denied reports that he enjoys a leisurely lifestyle at Downing Street, saying he is "completely dedicated" to his job.

  • Unrest has been heightened in Greece as austerity measures hit.

    Cameron lectures Greece, Clegg lectures Germany

    The British government has tried to bring the two sides of the eurozone debate together with separate messages to the Greek and German people on the back of a G8 meeting in the US.

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