Cameron ‘grateful’ to Brown

By staff

On his return to the Commons two weeks after the death of his son, David Cameron has thanked Gordon Brown for his messages of condolence.

The Conservative party leader said the prime minister’s “kind words” had meant a great deal to him and his wife Samantha.

Ivan Cameron, who suffered from a rare form of cerebral palsy and epilepsy, died on February 25th aged six after suffering from seizures.

The death meant that both Mr Cameron and Mr Brown have lost a child. The prime minister and his wife Sarah lost their daughter Jennifer Jane in 2002 when she was just ten days old.

At a subdued prime minister’s questions session, which was cancelled by Mr Brown as a mark of respect to Mr Cameron’s family a fortnight ago, the Tory leader had the following words for Mr Brown: “I particularly want to thank the prime minister for what he said. It came straight from the heart and it meant a great deal to Samantha and me.”

Mr Cameron also thanked the thousands of people who had sent messages of support to his family.

“A lot of letters have come from families who have themselves lost children and if there is a common theme in them, it’s that while the loss never goes away, there does come a day when you look back at your child’s life and you think happy thoughts about their life rather than feel sorrow at their death,” he said.

“I hope that day will come for us too.”

Mr Brown simply added: “I understand the grief he and his family have been going through.”