Tory ‘glad’ to be searched by police

By Ian Dunt

A Tory MP who was stopped and searched over the winter break has said he was ‘glad’ of the experience because it showed the police are not prejudiced.

Andrew Pelling, MP for Croydon Central, was stopped under anti-terrorism laws after he took photos of a local cycle path.

“It is pleasing to see just how vigilant our police are at these times of heightened international political tension and the risk of terrorism here at home,” he said.

“I am glad my stop and search account as a white, middle-aged male shows that anyone can be suspected of, and questioned about, terrorism, regardless of race, creed or colour.”

Police searched the 48-year-old MP despite him showing them his House of Commons pass due to suspicions he was taking photos of East Croydon train station.

But after searching his bag the officers sent him on his way.

“An officer stopped and searched a man’s bag in Cherry Orchard Road on December 30th, under section 44 of the Terrorism Act,” a police spokesman said.

“The officer conducted a stop-and-search, taking into account the current terror threat, as he was taking pictures in the vicinity of a major transport hub.”