Archive of 25 January 2007

Des Browne rejects arguments against nuclear weapons

Minister: Nuclear weapons are not evil

There is nothing inherently evil about nuclear weapons and they can play a positive role in preventing conflict, the defence secretary has argued.

  • European court says UK pension protection was inadequate

    Govt pension protection 'inadequate'

    The government offered "inadequate" pension protection for workers whose companies went bust but does not necessarily have to compensate them, a court has ruled.

  • MPs condemn introduction of air passenger duty rise

    Brown's airline taxes under fire

    Gordon Brown has come under fire from MPs for raising airline taxes before the House of Commons has a chance to approve them.

  • Foreign secretary Margaret Becketts insists US-UK unity on Iraq

    Govt plays down US-UK rift on Iraq

    The government has downplayed suggestions of a rift in US and UK policy on Iraq, after a key American official said he would like British troops to stay in the country.

  • Catholic church set to lose its fight against gay discrimination laws

    Catholics to lose gay adoption fight

    There will be no exemption for Catholic adoption agencies from laws forcing them to allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt a child, the education secretary has said.

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