Archive of 15 January 2007

John Hutton says new data-sharing plans are not a Big Brother state

Hutton rejects 'Big Brother' database claims

John Hutton has denied that a proposal to share people's personal information across government departments is another step on the road to a "Big Brother state".

  • Tories suggest how firms can be socially responsible

    Tory group moots junk food trading

    Firms producing salty, fatty and sugary foods could be allocated junk food quotas to get them to switch to healthier options, a Conservative party working group has proposed.

  • Peter Hain joins Gordon Brown in warning against supporting the nationalists

    Tensions increase over state of the union

    Welsh secretary Peter Hain has added his voice to warnings that the Conservatives' call for English-votes for English laws risks the "Balkanisation of Britain".

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