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Conservatives study MagLev trains as a green transport system for UK

Tories examine levitating trains

The shadow chancellor is in Japan today to examine whether high-speed trains that levitate above the tracks could be used in the UK.

  • Molly Campbell and her mother, Louise

    Scottish MP to meet with missing girl

    A Labour MP will attempt to meet missing Scottish schoolgirl Molly Campbell in Pakistan tomorrow, where she is thought to have travelled with her father last weekend.

  • Gordon Brown calls for increase in UN emergency aid fund

    Brown calls for bigger UN aid fund

    Gordon Brown has today called for a significant increase in the UN's emergency assistance programme, insisting it must learn lessons from crisis in Lebanon.

  • Home Office introduces new offence of downloading and possessing violent pornography

    Ministers act against violent porn

    People downloading violent and extreme pornographic material could be jailed for up to three years under new proposals announced by the Home Office today.

  • Unicef urges government to take more action against child trafficking in Europe

    Govt 'must do more' to end child trafficking

    Ministers have insisted they are committed to tackling the "modern slave trade" of child trafficking after a new report warned that not enough is being done to stop the practice.

  • Government employs thousands of press officers to deal with 24-hour news cycle

    Taxpayers' cash 'used for spin'

    The government is using taxpayers' money to fund a "bloated army of spin", the Conservatives have claimed.

  • British Fertility Society says lesbians should get IVF but fat women should not

    Lesbians 'should get IVF' on NHS

    Lesbian couples and single women should be given the same rights to fertility treatment on the NHS as heterosexual couples, the British Fertility Society (BFS) has argued.

  • Gordon Brown calls for public sector pay restraint to keep inflation down

    Brown praises Labour's fiscal prudence

    Gordon Brown today issued a strong defence of his handling of the economy, and underlined his tough line by calling yet again for restraint in public sector pay rises.

  • Margaret Thatcher named best prime minister in historian's poll

    Thatcher named best PM

    The war in Iraq has scuppered Tony Blair's chances of becoming one of the most effective British prime ministers of the 20th century, according to a new study.

  • Charles Kennedy's drinking problem is revealed in a new biography

    Kennedy allies 'kept his drinking secret'

    Charles Kennedy was ready to make his alcoholism public almost three years before he resigned as Liberal Democrat leader - but backed out at the last minute, a new book claims.

  • Des Browne and Nouri al-Maliki discussed the withdrawal of British troops

    Browne says Iraq situation "improving"

    The defence secretary, Des Browne, today held talks with the Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad, claiming that despite continued unrest, the situation in the troubled country is improving.

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