Sizeable Tory rebellion expected over social care vote

A number of Conservative MPs are expected to break a three-line whip and vote against changes to the government’s plan for social care.

The government has been criticised by a number of its own MPs in recent days over plans to change the calculation of the social care cap. The new proposals would see those eligible for state support left unable to count the money towards the cap. Critics say the changes would significantly disadvantage the poorest in society. 

As reported by the Daily Telegraph’s Christopher Hope, around 20 Conservative MPs are expected to rebel against the changes to social care in tonight’s vote.

The source, a red wall MP, marks the most recent power play by the 2019 intake of Conservative MPs, who totalling 107, make up nearly a third of Conservative MPs.

Former chief whip Mark Harper also confirmed he would be voting against the changes to the social care cap.