Minister denies PM is a ‘clown’ after reports Macron described him as such

Science minister Georgie Freeman has denied the Prime Minister is a “clown”, after he was quizzed about reports French President Emmanuel Macron described him as such.

The MP for Mid Norfolk told Sky News earlier today: “Of course he isn’t a clown, he is Prime Minister of this country and elected to lead this country with a very big mandate.”

he said the President’s alleged words were “pretty unhelpful” at a time when the UK is “looking to work very closely with France on the border issue, on tackling the problem of European migration at source”.

“We need to make sure that people in France aren’t being supplied with boats and being pushed out into the Channel,” he explained.

“The Home Secretary is working closely with French counterparts on it and the Prime Minister and the UK Government are looking for a sensible conversation with France about it.

“So, I’m confident, actually, that Anglo-French relations are rather better than that quote suggests.”