Covid-19 recovery risks derailing climate crisis and development goals, new report warns

Recovering from Covid-19 threatens to derail the government’s climate and development goals, according to a new APPG report.

The APPG on the UN Global Goals says in a new report that the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Paris Climate Agreement agreed by the international community were already set to be breached before the pandemic, and recovering from Covid-19 will exacerbate the issue.

“Unless action on climate change and tackling poverty are urgently aligned, the world risks missing important 2030 targets.”

The report notes that a number of nations have updated their climate targets, agreed during the 2015 Paris climate change summit. Despite this, the new report warns that the world is due to breach the Paris Agreement on climate change and is set to fail to deliver many key outcomes for SDGs.

The UN Global Goals APPG recommends the government develops a national action plan to create a more joined-up approach in hitting climate change tragets, meeting SDG goals and recovering from Covid-19.