MPs today in the House of Commons called on the British government to “use its weight” to seek a solution over the Kashmir conflict.

Robbie Moore, the Conservative MP for Keighley, said: “As elected politicians here in the United Kingdom, we cannot decide on domestic policy within another country, but we can use our influence to ensure that this terrible situation is investigated and that our government use its weight and its influence to put pressure to seek a solution.”

In a passionate speech, Yasmin Qureshi, Labour MP for Bolton South East, outlined the human rights abuses faced by Kashmiris, saying: “In the last two years, human rights groups have documented the everyday reality of this governance for Kashmiris.

“Mass arrests and raids, torture, the suppression of free assembly, the crushing of the Kashmiri press, the decimation of the local economy, the crippling of the education system, the incarceration of thousands of people.”