Next Week in Politics: July 2nd – 6th


Questions – Communities and local government
Motion – To approve ways and means resolutions relating to the finance bill
Legislation – Finance bill
Adjournment– Proposal to end the beer duty escalator – Gavin Williamson

Questions – Justice
Ten minute rule motion – Honours (equality of titles for partners) – Oliver Colvile
Legislation – Finance bill, report stage and third reading
Adjournment – Violence against health workers – Nic Dakin

Questions – Northern Ireland
Prime minister's questions
Ten minute rule motion – Town and county planning – Nicholas Brown
Debate – Work of the UK border agency; UK-Turkey relations and Turkey’s regional role
Adjournment – Navitas wind farm – Richard Drax

Questions – Environment, food and rural affairs, church commissioners, public accounts commission and the speaker’s committee on the electoral commission
Business Statement – Leader of the House
Business – Proceedings on the supply and appropriation main estimates bill
Adjournment – Female genital mutilation among at-risk girls – Jane Ellison

Legislation – Bank of England bill, second reading – John McDonnell
Legislation – Prisons bill, second reading – Sir Paul Beresford
Legislation – Disabled persons' parking badges bill, second reading – Simon Kirby
Legislation – European Union Act 2011 bill, second reading – Mr William Cash
Adjournment – Regulation and inspection of childminders – Meg Hillier


Questions –Civil servants training and development; progress of the national offender management service prisoner co-ordination group; flow of road traffic in the UK; definition of an exceptional case needing surgical and medical care through the NHS
Legislation- Crime and courts bill

Questions – Formula governing levels of NHS spending in the different NHS regions in England; action to assist first-time property buyers; benefits to the UK of ceasing to classify foreign university students as economic migrants; prevention of military assistance to Syrian rebels.
Legislation – Financial services bill
Short debate – Access to water in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank.

Questions – Latest assessment of the success of government economic policie; uninsured vehicles in regular use on UK roads; addressing the increase in elephant poaching and the illegal sale of ivory to the Far East.
Legislation – European Union bill, third reading
Legislation – Crime and courts bill
Short debate – Global fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Questions – Transfer of responsibility for media, broadcasting, digital, telecommunications and oversight of Ofcom from BIS to DCMS; plans to create a representative body to replace the Woman's National Commission; impact on universities of the removal of the zero rate of VAT for alterations to protected buildings.
Debate – International competitiveness of UK industry
Debate – Welfare and transportation of horses in the EU
Orders and regulations – Sexual Offences Act Order 2012
Order and regulations – Fishing boats scheme 2012


16.00 – Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment: Women on Boards, Karen Jochelson, Director of Economy and Employment Programme, Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC); Scarlet Harris, Women’s Officer, Trades Union Congress (TUC); and (at 5.00pm) Liz Murrall, Director, Corporate Governance and Reporting, Investment Management Association, and Joanne Segars, Chief Executive, National Association of Pension Funds Ltd (NAPF).

15.30 – Economic Affairs: The Economic Implications for the United Kingdom of Scottish Independence, Professor Gerald Holtham, Chair, Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales.

10.30 – Home Affairs, Health and Education: The EU's Approach to Global Migration and Mobility, Helen Hibberd, Hackney Migrant Centre; Rebecca Crerar, Suffolk Refugee Support Forum; and Juan Camilo, Migrants’ Rights Network.