Mensch resignation: Twitter responds

She was an MP whose prominence was due predominantly to Twitter, so it was unsurprising when the social media site sparked into life following her resignation.

Politicians, journalists and members of the public all responded to the news Louise Mensch was stepping down from politics.

Journalist @VictoriaPeckham: Any "lessons" to be learned from Louise Mensch quitting? Select candidates with sense of duty to constituents & party over self-promotion.

Think tank director and analyst @Sundersays: Sympathise with Louise Mensch personal situation. Seems much more re pressures of transatlantic family than general MP work-family balance

Online journalist @Nero: There have been no inspiring female role models in Parliament since Lady T. A lot of very unedifying spectacles though. Pity. Dreadful thought, people getting elected just for the publicity.

Contributer to the Guido Fawkes blog @MrHarry Cole: The news was actually broken on #menschn three days ago but no one was there to see it. #boomtish. Good luck to @LouiseMensch though. It was fun.

Mirror journalist @MirrorJames: Louise Mensch claims she is quitting for family reasons but its just months since she demanded a ministerial job

Labour MP and personal friend @Tomwatson: @LouiseMensch You're a remarkable character Louise. Be all you can be.

Labour MP @JReedMP: @LouiseMensch good luck and congratulations – MPs aren't meant to acknowledge the existence or needs of their family. Well done.

Labour MP @Chris Bryant: As for the rumours that Boris would go for the very marginal seat of corby – an inverted pyramid of piffle !

Labour MP @AVMitchell2010: Sorry Louise tho' you're right to go.A good honest person with the courage to say "Stuff it. This job can't be done by anyone normal"

Wife of Speaker John Bercow and Labour supporter @SallyBercow: Yes women can be mums & MPs! But with transatlantic marriage too something has to give. Ludicrous to say @louisemensch being 'unfeminist'!!

Author and journalist @GuyWalters: Am I alone in thinking that Mensch has just wasted people's time? It's as if she became an MP out of caprice and not a sense of public duty.

Twitter user @Thhamilton: Due to the competing demands of work and family life, I haven't got time to tweet about Louise Mensch.