The problem with MPs' toilets

Toilet facilities in parliament have come in for criticism
Toilety facilities in parliament have come in for criticism
Ian Dunt By

Toilets in parliament top the list of MPs' complaints about their workplace, a survey has revealed.

One third of MPs found lavatories in parliament were too dirty, with the loos in the Norman Shaw North building highlighted as being particularly bad.

"Seventeen per cent of members and 25% of their staff were also unsatisfied with the way their offices were cleaned.

MPs' complaints didn’t stop there, with one in five complaining about the state of the dining rooms and other eating areas.

There were also complaints about the type of food on offer, with many MPs saying menus had become too complicated.

The sometimes bizarre dishes on offer in parliament are a frequent subject of jokes among staff and there is even a Twitter account, @commonsfoodhell, dedicated to the more baffling creations.

Recent items reported by the account include "barley risotto jacket potato" and rice, pineapple and chilli salad.

There was a slight reduction in the number of MPs who felt secure on the parliamentary estate. Fifty-seven per cent said they felt "extremely secure" compared to 68% in 2010.


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