Tory-Lib Dem alliance holds firm in Birmingham

No change in Birmingham
No change in Birmingham

The Conservative-Lib Dem alliance in Birmingham has received a ringing endorsement from voters, increasing its share of seats to 75 per cent.

Labour lost six seats and the Conservatives gained six in Britain's second city, meaning the gap between the two parties in terms of councilors rose from just one to 13.

And while the Liberal Democrats stayed unchanged on 32, their leader on the council Paul Tilsley said his party had enjoyed a "fantastic night".

"The fact that we've been defending some very hard-fought campaigns means that we could have lost up to five seats - we haven't," he told

Mr Tilsley cited a 1.9 per cent council tax increase for three years in the trot and a move from no stars to three stars as having contributed to good news for the "progressive partnership".

Respect doubled their number of seats in the city to two.