Archive of 17 December 2004

Blair still ahead despite Blunkett problems

Labour ahead in new poll

Labour have maintained their lead over the Conservatives, according to a new poll.


    Red tape cuts for NHS

    In a move designed to reduce red tape in the NHS, the Government has announced that it will be scrapping or reducing central data collection in the health service.


    Shipman causes re-think on doctors' testing

    New rules on the testing of doctors have been postponed while the Government considers the recommendations from the Shipman Inquiry.


    Brown calls for new 'Marshall Plan' for developing world

    The international community should wipe out third world debt, dismantle its trade barriers and give an extra £50 billion in aid as part of a new plan to help the developing world, Chancellor Gordon Brown said today.

  • Brown warns of global risks of weak dollar

    Brown calls for stronger dollar

    Gordon Brown called on US treasury chiefs on Thursday to strengthen the dollar in a bid to curb the greenback's depreciation on world financial markets.

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