The Political Week on Twitter: May 20th - 24th

The Political Week on Twitter: May 20th - 24th
The Political Week on Twitter: May 20th - 24th
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This week politics has got personal, with politicians from all three of the main parties finding some nasty jibes heading in their direction. For the Conservatives, the idea that David Cameron likes to "chillax" is not good news. The prime minister has dismissed the book in which that claim comes as a "novel" - which only goes to show how damaging the word is.

It was Labour's Ed Balls, taunting Cameron about 'chillax' during PMQs, who was on the receiving end of another lashing-out from the PM...

That just leaves the Lib Dems - and it was Vince Cable who was dubbed that nastiest of all words for a businessman - 'socialist'. Adrian Beecroft, the man whose great idea is to make it easier for employers to fire staff, was obviously not happy that his proposal had been branded "bonkers" by the business secretary.

Away from the outbreak of name-calling we've seen this week, Cameron arrived in Brussels on Wednesday night to attend an informal dinner of EU leaders. The results, a commitment to focus on growth, were not especially impressive.

Embattled culture secretary Jeremy Hunt also faced trial by proxy at the Leveson inquiry at the end of the week, as his former special adviser Adam Smith and News International's point man Fred Michel gave evidence.


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