It’s impossible to predict when or who, but we will rejoin the EU, sooner than we think, says Lord Heseltine


Lord Michael Heseltine was a prominent figure in both Thatcher and Major’s governments. Serving as both a Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State during his time, Heseltine is considered one of the most influential figures in British politics.

Heseltine was said to have clashed with Margaret Thatcher over her euro-scepticism, and his feelings have not changed. He is adamant that Brexit was ‘a disaster’ and the most ‘terrible self inflicted wound’ we could’ve cause upon ourselves.

‘Brexit isn’t our only problem, but it’s a common theme amongst most of the issues we see today’, he says to Alicia Fitzgerald. But, he doesn’t think the fight is over, and believes there is no doubt that we will rejoin EU, sooner than we may think.

Asked about his views on the current government, Lord Heseltine says ‘sanity has been restored’, and sings the praises of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who he describes as a ‘details man’.