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Popular Sheffield Cafe first to recognise Trade Union

The workers and owners of a popular local café/restaurant have forged a union recognition agreement thought to be a first of its kind in the city. South Street Kitchen in Park Hill has agreed to undertake collective bargaining with their workers’ union of choice, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU). The agreement means that the owners… Read more »

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BASC cooks up a storm with colleges across the country

BASC’s wild food team is celebrating educating more than 700 members of the next generation of chefs about game meat in the last year. BASC has worked with 36 colleges across the UK since early 2021 to highlight the field to fork journey of game meat to students and staff and to highlight and promote… Read more »

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Home Office denies leaking unofficial terror updates
Anti-terror leak inquiry ‘in the public interest’

Opposition politicians and human rights groups have increased calls for an investigation into counter-terrorism leaks, after it was claimed media leaks comprised investigations. The Conservatives have written to the cabinet secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell formally requesting an inquiry into the leaking of counter-terrorism operations in Birmingham on January 31st. The Liberal Democrats are also calling… Read more »

Blair insists ministers aren't behind leaks
Blair rejects investigation into anti-terror leaks

The prime minister has joined in the condemnation of people who leak anti-terrorism intelligence to the media. Anti-terror officer Peter Clarke said those responsible were “beneath contempt”, giving as an example the recent anti-terror operation in Birmingham where some journalists appeared to be briefed of the police’s plans. Tony Blair told MPs today that he… Read more »