Greens launch ‘viral policy campaign’

By Alex Stevenson

The Green party has launched an online media campaign, in its latest bid to counter its limited resources and punch above its weight.

The online media campaign mimics the huge impact achieved in the US by Sarah Silverman. Her viral seeking to get Jewish voters to support Barack Obama was one of the most significant marketing successes of 2008.

Under the Green party’s initiative visitors to the party’s website will be able to click on areas of the party’s policy and forward the details to friends and relatives who might be interested.

“We think this a really effective of utilising social media,” a spokesperson told

“It is obviously cheaper than billboards or the kinds of marketing budgets that the larger parties have. We don’t have much in the way of a budget and we think this is a stronger, more consistent way of reaching a larger demographic.”

The Greens’ limited spending power means they are concentrating their resources on three constituencies in their bid to achieve a first MP in Westminster.

Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion, Adrian Ramsay in Norwich South and Darren Johnson in Lewisham and Deptford are receiving resources at the expense of places like Cambridge, where Tony Juniper is standing.

Election focus: Brighton Pavilion

The spokesperson added: There’s a big black spot in terms of traditional political campaigning – this is something people can engage with, are interested in, more likely to take notice of.

“If they can become a spokesperson by sending it on themselves, it’s a pretty larger return for a reasonable small outlay.”