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"The Today Programme is undeniably an institution"

The decline of the Today programme: How bust-ups replaced debate

The flagship show is now powered by confrontation

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  • Britain is a nation of many creeds

    Is Britishness changing?

    The definition of Britishness is changing to become more accommodating of minorities, according to academics from the University of Bristol and Brunel University.

  • Miller has been MP for Basingstoke since 2005

    Maria Miller speech in full

    Read the full speech of culture, media and sport secretary Maria Miller

  • Harman called for the 2015 campaign to start now

    Harriet Harman speech in full

    Read the full speech by Harriet Harman, shadow culture minister, to the Labour party conference.

  • Even the Daleks can't resist getting their picture taken in front of parliament

    The politics of Doctor Who

    The Doctor might well overthrow governments, but he rarely, if ever, sticks around to see how the societies rebuild themselves after his intervention. In some cases he doesn't even bother to find out if the planets citizens want to be liberated in the first place.

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