‘Thank you both!’: Hoyle pays tribute to retiring deputy speakers, Winterton and Laing

In the House of Commons on Friday Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle paid tribute to his retiring deputy speakers, Dame Rosie Winterton and Dame Eleanor Laing.

The statement was delivered ahead of the House’s business and, in it, Sir Lindsay widely praised Dame Rosie and Dame Eleanor, who are not seeking re-election.

The Speaker said: “I should like to pay tribute to Dame Eleanor and Dame Rosa, both who have indicated they will not be seeking re-election to the House.

“Eleanor has been the deputy speaker for more than a decade and succeeded me as chair of [the ways and means committee] when I was elected speaker”.

He added: “Dame Rosie became a deputy speaker in 2017 after serving as opposition chief whip through the 2010 parliament and has used her deep knowledge [of the] inner the workings of this place to great effect in the chair and gives us tip offs when we needed them”.

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