• Planning for People

    The English planning system is under review. This video explains the issues and loopholes that lie in the current (and proposed) planning policy. It describes how we’d like to shape it to work for local people and the countryside, rather than to profit developers.

  • Rural communities denied affordable housing as developers exploit loophole

    This animation, from the CPRE, highlights that England hasn’t built enough genuinely affordable homes in rural or urban areas for decades. Following cuts to capital grant and financial restrictions on councils, we now rely on private developers to deliver a large share of new affordable homes through the Section 106 system. But since 2012, national planning rules have blunted this tool by enabling the widespread use and abuse of viability assessments.

  • A Deposit Return System in the UK – how would it work?

    The scheme is simple: when you buy a drink you pay a small deposit of around 10p. Then, when you take the container back to the shop, your deposit is returned and the container is recycled.

  • The end of the road?

    The CPRE's report The end of the road? Challenging the road-building consensus.

  • Green Belt - worth investing in

    The CPRE is calling on the Government, local authorities and others to take action to realise the full potential of Green Belts.

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