Confirmed: Theresa May is working on plan for UK to take Syrian refugees

Britain looks certain to start accepting Syrian refugees, as the government buckles to demands for it to help ease the pressure on the region.

Days after David Cameron offered a conciliatory response to Ed Miliband's demands, William Hague confirmed the government was preparing to make an announcement on the issue.

"[Cameron] did open the door. The home secretary is working on that and will have more to say about that in the coming day," the foreign secretary told the Andrew Marr programme.

"[This is about] how we try to help people who are particularly vulnerable to violence.

"Whatever we can do on that, our main effort to help people will be what we can do out there."

Britain is the world's second biggest donor to Syria's neighbours as they respond to one of the largest movements of people since World War Two and it has typically accepted the asylum claims of those Syrians who had made it to the UK.

But it has come in for increasing criticism for not taking part in coordinated UN refugee programmes.

Cameron faced three questions on the issue from Miliband during PMQs on Wednesday, at the end of which he pledged to look into the matter.

Labour pressed its advantage with a vote tabled in the Commons for next week.

With Liberal Democrat support and potential backing from several Tories, Labour would be likely to win the vote.