Archive of 28 January 2010

Leaders attended working breakfast in No 10 this morning

Promises flow at Afghanistan conference

Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai pledged action on anti-corruption and reconciliation with the Taliban at today's London conference.

  • The Yemen meeting took place in the Foreign Office's Locarno suite

    London meeting brings Yemen focus

    The international community has agreed a "comprehensive approach" to growing instability in Yemen after yesterday's meeting in London.

  • The main conference room in Lancaster House, central London

    Brown vows Taliban defeat

    Gordon Brown pledged to defeat the Taliban on the battlefield and in people's hearts and minds in his opening remarks to the London Afghanistan conference.

  • Vince Cable believes the Labour government is to blame for the banking crisis

    Cable sets out 'hauntingly familiar' PR vision

    Vince Cable will set out his vision for a proportional representative electoral system today, at an event organisers describe as "hauntingly" reminiscent of the 1970s.

  • Some local residents dislike the number of students in certain areas.

    Action on 'student ghettoes'

    The spread of areas dominated by student housing will be halted by the government as it imposes new rules on landlords, it was announced yesterday.

  • Harriet Harman says being underestimated has its advantages

    Harman admits changing accent

    Harriet Harman lost her "cut-glass" 1950s accent, she has admitted, but insists she did not do so deliberately.

  • Clegg on new Iraq inquiry offensive

    Lib Dems demand Iraq inquiry adjournment

    The Lib Dems stepped up their campaign to get documents related to the Iraq war declassified today, by saying a short adjournment may be necessary to ensure all the key facts are on the table.

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