General election 2010: Labour wins back Blaenau Gwent

By Sasjkia Otto

Labour has reclaimed Blaenau Gwent from the People’s Voice with a 29% swing.

Labour, which suffered a surprise defeat by Dai Davies’ People’s Voice in 2005, gained 58% of the vote for Nick Smith while People’s Voice support shrunk to 19%.

Labour’s victory comes as a surprise after the People’s Voice’s 58.2% victory in 2005.

Mr Davies gained local support because of the feeling New Labour sold out the traditional values of the Labour party. Blaenau Gwent has strong historical links to mining so there is a genuine groundswell of support to back a true socialist candidate.

A traditionally Labour south Wales mining seat, steeped in tradition, Blaenau Gwent has a wealth of political history.

The area was represented by both Nye Bevan and Michael Foot, and until recently was assumed to be amongst the most solid Labour seats in the country. Opposition parties would often have difficulty getting more than ten per cent of the vote.