Brown ready to fall on his sword

By staff

Gordon Brown has pledged to take “full responsibility” if Labour loses the general election.

His comments suggest the prime minister may not remain Labour’s leader if his party does not secure a fourth term in government after Thursday’s voting.

The possibility of an outright Labour win is not being considered likely by senior Labour figures, who today ramped up tactical voting rhetoric as their goal shifted towards denying an outright Conservative win.

“I’ll have to take responsibility,” Mr Brown said on GMTV this morning after he was asked whether a Labour failure would be judged his fault or the party’s more generally.

“I will take full responsibility if anything happens – but I think there are thousands of people who have still to make up their minds.”

He added: “If I couldn’t make a difference anymore I would go off and do something else.”

Mr Brown has previously attracted negative headlines for openly discussing what his future might be after politics.

Ignoring the dangers of mulling what he would do after a potential defeat later this week, the prime minister said he would rather engage in voluntary or charity work than merely seek money.

“I just want to do something good,” he said.