politics.co.uk users forecast hung parliament

By Ian Dunt

Britain is heading towards a hung parliament, politics.co.uk users have suggested.

The results come as new polling data shows the public are in favour of a hung parliament, and reform groups start campaigns to secure no party wins a majority.

The politics.co.uk straw poll, which received over 270 responses, saw 48% of users say they thought a hung parliament was the most likely outcome of the election.

Twenty-eight per cent said they thought the Conservatives would win, while 20% thought Labour would win. Four per cent said they thought the Liberal Democrats would win.

A Populus poll for the Times found 32% of respondents wanted a hung parliament, against 28% who want a Tory majority and 22% who want a Labour majority.

The Progressive parliament activist network seized on the findings and started campaigning for a hung parliament today.

Network organiser Tim Nichols said: “The polls show more people want a hung parliament than any of the parties. Our campaign will help them know how to vote in their area to achieve it.

“People are fed up with politicians tackling each other instead of tackling our problems. We cannot trust any of them alone to sort out the mess our economy is in, the challenge of climate change and the need for a fairer society with a better quality of life.”