Brown plans post-conference tour

By staff

Gordon Brown will go to the country – literally, not electorally – in a tour of the regions following his party’s conference in Brighton.

He plans to seek out “people’s views” across Britain in the coming weeks and months, in a bid to counteract the Sun’s decision to withdraw support for his government after his leader’s speech.

“I will be listening and I will take as long as it takes,” he told the Metro newspaper on the train back to London from Brighton.

“I do not see my life as being in Whitehall or Westminster so much as being in London, of course, but also being around the country.”

Mr Brown said he believed the conference had shown how important it was to Labour that the party started what it finished, by taking Britain out of recession.

“We are still working hard every day to show that we can,” he added.

And in a repetition of the hard line taken against David Cameron’s Conservatives in his speech to Labour delegates in Brighton, Mr Brown showed his intention to paint the Tories as a party who would “hold the economy back” and “make the wrong decisions”.

“If they were in now the recession would be deeper, harsher, longer and more unfair,” he said.

“There are risks to our economy, no doubt about it.”