Mandy yearns for Brown razzmatazz

By staff

Peter Mandelson has called on the prime minister to lighten up by revealing more of his “razzmatazz”.

The unexpected call came on the eve of Gordon Brown’s final Labour party conference before the general election. The prime minister has struggled to present his lighter side to voters and his business secretary revealed he could show more of the “light side” usually only on show in private.

“He thrives on hard work and policy challenges and getting others to see his point of view,” Lord Mandelson told the Daily Mail.

“Ideally, would he be a politician who’s up for public relations and razzmatazz alongside his serious side and his devotion to getting policies right? Well, ideally, yes.”

Lord Mandelson suggested Mr Brown’s substance would win the British public over “somebody who’s shallow but looks good on TV”.

He called for Labour – and the prime minister – to avoid presenting an image to the public that the party is tired of bringing about change.

“It’s tempting to dismiss or stop listening to an underdog,” he added.

“The underdog has got to bark back and bark loudly and clearly with a very clear vision and set of purposes to take the country forward.”