Labour’s northern stronghold challenges Tories

The north of England remains resistant to the allure of David Cameron’s Conservatives, a poll out today suggests.

By staff

Research from YouGov for the Telegraph newspaper found that in the north Labour hold a two-point lead over the Tories, who were on 33 per cent in the region.

Nationally the Conservatives remain in a strong position, still maintaining the psychologically important 40 per cent figure. Labour are on 27 per cent and the Lib Dems 18 per cent.

In the north, however, the situation remains challenging. Mr Cameron’s party will travel to Manchester for its autumn conference this year and so will view his leader’s speech as an opportunity to ‘sell’ himself to wavering local voters.

According to pollsters YouGov, nearly two-thirds of respondents believed it is hard to tell whether there is any substance behind Mr Cameron’s words.

Concerns about the party message not getting through have diminished in the last year, however. Then 63 per cent said it was hard to know what the Conservatives stood for. Now that stands at just 55 per cent.