Brown: Europe is united

Brown: We will work together and with the US
Brown: We will work together and with the US

Gordon Brown has confirmed a ?200 billion ( £270 billion) stimulus package across the EU.

He presented the package as a flat refutation of continuing tension between Germany and Britain.

"The EU is fully united at supporting the measures," he said.

"This coordinated action will make this a good outcome for Britain."

But the prime minister also used the deal to attack the Conservative's economic policy, even if he did not mention them by name.

"When next month the new president takes office [in the US], we'll be able to work together and show Europe and America can make changes to benefit the economy," he said.

"We're united in our belief governments have a duty to act. We will not stand by and let the recession take its course."

The Conservatives retorted with a statement from shadow chancellor George Osborne.

"Gordon Brown can't hide behind the bland statement agreed by EU leaders in Brussels," he said.

"His claims that the rest of the world back his reckless borrowing are in tatters following unprecedented criticism by the German government and others."

Mr Brown batted away suggestions of continued tension with Germany following highly critical comments from two senior members of the Grand Coalition there.

He also rejected any plan to go over the Lisbon treaty in parliament again, regardless of a second Irish referendum on the issue.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said: "After years of trying to ignore the EU, Gordon Brown's recognition that Europe is key to economic recovery is welcome."

The ?200 billion figure is not a fund given to states by the Eu, but the sum total of each state's fiscal plan.


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